As you disembark from the Maharajas Express at Sevalia Railway Station, you’re in Balsinor, the princely state of Nawab Babi. Located in the Kheda district of Gujarat, it’s full of old-world charm with a number of temples, monuments and other popular attractions. Some of the Hindu festival celebrations here are exhilarating experiences of Indian culture.

Your Indian luxury train atalt text Balasinor exposes you to some of the most exciting tourist spots in India. Visit the Balasinor Fossil Park, also popular as India's Jurassic Park located in Raiyoli village. It contains fossilized eggs, bones and other remains of the 13 species of Dinosaurs. Continue your exploration and travel to the beautiful Ambaji temple for some soul-searching. Now a heritage hotel, the Garden Palace is another well-known tourist hotspot that is just 20 minutes from the Dinosaur Park. Along with 8 prim and proper spacious rooms, it also gives you access to ancient royal mausoleums at the Choti Baadi which is situated just steps away from the hotel.

If you’re an aquaphile, you should visit Wanakbori Dam built on the Mahi river. This site offers a delightful view of the reservoir, especially during the monsoon season. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience once you’re off the Maharaja Express train, you can also visit the hot water sulphur springs of Timba Tuva. It is believed that it cures rheumatism and arthritis. It is also believed that this is the site where Bhima had married Hadimba. If you’re a history buff, you should definitely visit the Champaner village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site has some 1000-yr old yet well-preserved Hindu and Jain temples.

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