Reasons to Choose Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas’ Express

Reasons to Choose Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas’ Express

The Indian Panorama journey is amongst the five royal journeys provided by the Maharajas Express. Every journey follows a distinct path covering the most regal regions of India. However, the Indian Panorama is considered special. It aims to furnish the best services during the travel so as to represent the incredible culture of India. Here is what makes the Indian Panorama the most desirable journey of the Maharajas Express.

India under One Roof

The Indian Panorama itinerary includes various elements in a single journey. One can indulge in a variety of activities like shopping, devouring delicacies, sightseeing, and visiting the nature spots. By presenting a kaleidoscopic view of India, the Indian Panorama reflects the diversity of Indian culture in a single journey.

Iconic Attractions to Visit

For any royal ride, the journey needs to be equally effective and beautiful just like the destination. Similarly,  the Indian Panorama allows its passengers to explore the route carefully. Unlike other trains, it chooses the most admirable attractions of a destination so people can soak in its beauty and partake in entire experience to the fullest. Some of the heritage sites it covers are the Taj Mahal, Ranthambore Fort, Gwalior Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

Expect the Unexpected

Isn’t it exciting to visit places that you have not even heard about? Yes, be ready to live this moment with the Indian Panorama. The journey takes you to some unique spots you would have otherwise unknowingly neglected and never discovered. For instance, have you visited the silk center of Varanasi from inside? If not, then selecting the Indian Panorama itinerary would present unique and unexpected elements to you.

Luxurious Excursions

The Indian Panorama focuses on the hospitality services in the industry like no other. It’s additional efforts, even after excursions, try to deliver luxury effects to the passengers. The major elements provided by the train are extended tours, royal welcomes, spa sessions, painting the elephant, royal tea, a champagne breakfast overlooking the Taj Mahal and more.

Cuisines of the Destinations

Every royal train strives to deliver a high-quality delicious meal every time prepared with fresh ingredients. However, the Indian Panorama itinerary of the Maharajas Express takes it ahead and introduces the best local cuisine as per the destination. In this way, you can embrace the luxurious food diversity of India during travel.

Unity in the Diversity

Regardless of what religion you follow, the train allows you to explore various pilgrimage sites. As a traveller, you can witness pilgrimage spots like Varanasi Ganga Aarti and temples, Lucknow’s Islamic attractions, Sarnath Buddhist and Jain temples and so on.

Explore Wildlife Activities

Indian Wildlife is one of the most attractive things to explore in India. With the Indian Panorama, indulge in activities like the elephant painting and elephant rides in Jaipur. Other adventurous and wildlife spots include the deer park of Sarnath and the Safari trip of Ranthambore.

Special Cultural Tourism

This itinerary conducts cultural evenings inside the train on the last day which is an extraordinary experience for all the passengers. This way, the Indian Panorama is ahead in customer services. Also, it takes you on various museum visits to understand the rich Indian history.

Exclusive Shopping

Shopping at any place in India is delightful. But with the Indian Panorama, you get to shop exclusively for things that reflect the unique cultural elements of a region. For example, it takes you to the streets of Varanasi and major markets of Jaipur.

All the above-mentioned points regarding the Indian Panorama make it one of the most popular luxury train journeys of the Maharajas Express. This intriguing journey differs from others in many aspects and thus, enhances the travelling experience of a person. So, next time when you cannot figure out the best journey of the Maharajas Express, choose the Indian Panorama.

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