Top 7 Scenic Train Rides Around the World

The travel route is a prime concern that makes a journey worth enjoying, apart from the services available in a train. All the luxurious trains of the world are famous and appreciated because they ensure a royal ride along with the breathtaking natural views they offer.

Through the train windows, you can embrace the best artwork of nature present in the form of rivers, mountains, and forests. It not only allows one to engage with the real beauty of life but it also refreshes their mind and soul. And, that is what people travel for.

For you to be a part of such nature-connected journeys, we are mentioning some popular trains in the world that provide the best scenic rides.

Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe
Venice Simplon Orient Express that runs in Europe is another vital name in this list. The historical train with vintage cars from the 1920s is the ultimate train to witness. It follows beautiful routes that cover the destinations like Venice, Dresden, Krakow, and Prague. From the charming three car restaurants to the stunning vintage decorations in the train, there is much to observe and enjoy besides the European natural landscapes.

Royal Scotsman, United Kingdom
If you are looking for a peaceful environment throughout a train journey along with eye-catching sceneries, Royal Scotsman should be your only choice. It starts from Edinburgh, Scotland and makes visits to stunning destinations through different itineraries. The territories exhibit the beautiful panorama of England, Wales, and Scotland. A comfortable armchair or a scenic veranda seat in the train makes you explore the charm of the countryside with all the royal offerings.

Maharaja Express Train, India
The five-time winner of the title, ‘The World’s Leading Luxury Train’, the Maharajas train provides all the regal facilities to its passengers. Departing from Delhi or Mumbai, it manages to provide five different extraordinary journeys. The royal suites, classy bar and lounge, and dining car lounge offered by the train are just some of the brilliant features of this train journey. This extravagant journey allows one to live the rich culture of Indian cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambore, and Agra. One can visit palaces, forts, museums, wildlife, and forests located in these places through Maharajas train.

The Ghan, Australia
Australia is an attractive tourist point due to its stunning beaches and natural landscapes. And, you cannot miss seeing the scenic beauty it has to offer. With the Ghan, you enjoy and relax seeing the impressive Australian lands and outbacks. Take pleasure in the offboard activities like the cruise ride over the Katherine river or live the moment by just watching the stars in an Australian remote town. The Platinum and Gold cabins of the train ensure a hassle-free journey. Moreover, you enjoy the ultimate food flavours and drinks in The Queen Adelaide Restaurant. Also, you can avail the option of a nightcap in the lounge car.

Hiram Bingham, Peru
It is a one-day train ride across Peru that offers the exquisite scenery of the Urubamba River Valley. The architecture of the train includes two dining cars, four carriages, and a bar situated in the observation car. Hiram Bingham train offers a comfortable journey along with gourmet meals that you will never forget. You can extend the adventure of the journey by visiting a popular trekking spot, Machu Picchu.

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Pride of Africa, South Africa
As per the name suggests, Pride of Africa is a distinguished train in Africa that furnishes an extremely comfortable and royal experience for all its guests onboard. Embracing the glamorous style from the 1920s, the train beholds royal suites and three types of cabins. Apart from the regal facilities, the point of attraction in the journey is the African forests. Take your time to grasp the amazing views of the South African bush the Kalahari desert, and wildlife reserves.

Royal Canadian Pacific, Canada
The journey of Royal Canadian Pacific is a lavish one that starts and ends in Calgary. One of the most popular tours offered by the train is Canadian Rockies rail. The train has an uptown dining car, Craigellachie dining that serves delicious food to the travellers. This one-week long journey allows one to encounter beautiful valleys and mountain foothills lying in the natural lap of Canada.

All these royal trains offer comfortable and adventurous journeys. Topping the list is Maharajas train of India that has won a lot of accolades and is also the winner of World Travel Award 2017. So, indulge yourself in the most popular royal experience offered by the Maharaja Express and discover the best scenic charms of India.

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