A historical city and the former princely state of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior was founded by Suraj Sen in the 18th century. Legends has it that the city was named after Gwalipa, a saint who used to cure the deadly diseases of the king. The city boasts of various rich heritage attractions and the same has also made it a destination of Maharajas Express Train. As you disembark from this Indian Luxury Train, the palaces, forts, and temples are sure to woo you with their magnificence.

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Man Mandir Palace of Gwalior is known for its grandeur in interiors and architecture. Johar Pond is the major attraction that rests within the boundary of this palace. It is the pond where the Rajput ladies had committed sati after their kingdom lost the battle.

Next in the list for the passengers of Maharajas Express is the Central Archaeological Museum of the city. Set inside the Gurjari Mahal, the museum is a home to a large collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures. The museum also has a terracotta collection consisting of Ram and Sita images from 2nd century. It is here that the people Experience the glorious past of Gwalior.

Suraj Kund is another attraction for those marking their presence in Gwalior in the Maharaja Train. It is a tank surrounded by four walls of the Gwalior fort. Also, it is the same place where the saint Gwalipa healed Suraj Sen. The local believe that the water of this kund (pond) has medicinal properties.

Jai Vilas Palace, Sas- Bahu Temple, Teli ka Mandir, Tomb of Ghaus Mohammed, etc. are some other attractions of the city.

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